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Round Steak Recipe with Gravy Sauce

Round Steak with Gravy Sauce

Are you planning for a delightful yet easy to make and affordable steak dinner this weekend? Or are you one of those working individuals who think it difficult to find some extra time to cook a round steak for dinner? Some people might find it hard knowing that round steaks would take several hours to cook.
Then let your dinner cook while you’re at work! With these ingredients and a simple crock pot, you can make it possible! Following these few easy steps would make your dinner delightful as you imagined. Round steak recipe with gravy sauce requires a little effort, money, and time.

To make this hearty dish, you will need the following:

Ingredients and Cookware:

  • Slow cooker or crock pot
  • Two pounds (0.907 kilograms) of round steak
  • One 1.5 ounce (42.5 grams) package of Lipton’s Onion Soup Mix
  • 1/4 Cup (60 milliliters) of water
  • One 10.5 ounce (297.6 grams) can of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup


  1. Cut your round steak into five to six pieces. Place them in your crock pot.
  2. To the round steak, add the 1.5 ounce (42.5 grams) package of Lipton’s Onion Soup Mix.
  3. Next, add 1/4 of a cup (60 milliliters) of water.
  4. Finally, add one 10.5 ounce (297.6 grams) can of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup. Stir your ingredients to ensure that everything has a chance to combine nicely.
  5. Cover your crock pot and and set the temperature on low. Allow the round steak to cook for six to eight hours.

*Makes 5 – 6 individual servings.

When you get home, a steak stewing in a pot of brown gravy with a sweet aroma of mushrooms and onions will greet you. Plate your round steak over a bed of rice or mashed potatoes. To balance your meal, you may want to serve it with a side of steamed vegetables. This way, your dinner will look and taste magnificent!
If you’re trying to balance your lifestyle and career, this simple round steak recipe with gravy sauce is perfect for your planned dinner without risking those hours of work and would fit any budget.

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